Pure Worship

This morning I watched one of the most amazing videos. There is a little boy named Daniel, whom Robin has faithfully kept at the forefront of her blog--Actions Speak LOUDEST!!! Daniel is beautiful and perfect and wonderful, but Daniel has had a hard few weeks. He had to have brain surgery in an effort to stop seizures, but his recovery has been miraculous. The Sunday before Daniel's surgery, Laura, his mom, sang "Bring the Rain". The video has the song as background, but it is about Daniel. At one point, Daniel dances on the beach. It is one of the most intimate and beautiful worship dances I've ever seen.

If you choose to watch it, don't keep yourself in a position of observer. Let Daniel's pure worship draw you in. The worship is amazing and pure, and we can learn so much from Daniel.

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Robin said...

Thanks for sharing about Daniel, Jerri! I appreciate it. I have tried to keep my personal blogging on that particular blog to a minimum so people are able to find out what's going on with Daniel quickly without having to sift through my stuff.

Keep praying for his family! You have encouraged them more than you will ever know. Your prayers and love mean so much!