Scavenger Hunt

For those who are visiting from the Bold and Free scavenger hunt, feel free to look around, scavenge for answers, read all you want, and when you are done, come on over to my new blog--Jerri Phillips for the latest posts. Right now, we are in a series of posts on beauty and value. I hope to see you there!!!


Cricket's Hearth said...

Hi, I am on the scavenger hunt and wanted to thank you for your post on Any Soldier. I had not heard of that before, but I immediately went to the site and selected a Navy soldier. I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow! Thanks Again Cricket

Jerri Phillips said...


Thank you for dropping by to visit!

We have loved our experience with Any Soldier. The support team is wonderful, and the soldiers are always appreciative of what they receive. Bless you for supporting them and loving on them.

I hope to see you on my new blog!